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How To Order


  1. Select Product

Browse our clock collection from catalog of the website, and click on the desired product.

  1. Add to bag

Select your quantity and colour and CLICK ADD TO BAG. Shortly you will be redirected to checkout page, and you can choose to CONTINUE SHOOPING or PROCEED TO ORDER.

  1. Review your Bag

You can review your bag by clicking the SHOPPING BAG icon.

  1. Check out

If you decide to finalize your order, click PROCEED TO ORDER. We will require you to SIGN IN. If you are not a member yet, you can also SIGN UP from this page. When you have signed up or signed in, your contact details will show automatically. Click CONTINUE.

  1. Confirm Order

Review all your details and confirm your order. Please verify that your data, shipping address, order, and delivery charge are correct. When you are done, click NEXT to submit your order and thank you message will appear and you will receive an order confirmation by email. Bank account for payment will be included in the email. Be sure to keep your order number

  1. Confirm Payment

After completing your payment, please re-visit our website and click the CONFIRMATION PAYMENT icon and please enter your ID/ ORDER NUMBER. You will receive our payment confirmation after you submit your payment details. If payment is not completed within 1x24 hours, your order will automatically be cancelled.


You can directly click CONTACT US to order for the custom made or send us an email to and we will assist you by email.



Returns can be made ONLY if the goods are damaged or machines are broken – communicated to us no longer than 1 day after goods have arrived at your side and don’t forget to include the warranty card. If this happens, please send us an email to


  1. Purchased goods cannot be returned
  2. Our clock machine is 1 (one) year warranty, can be exchange with good condition from the framework and the box without disabilities
  3. Damage by Customer is beyond our responsibility (goods have been received and checked properly by the customer)